Simply YES


A few years ago - I read a truly inspiring book by Shonda Rhimes - called "Year of

YES - how to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own true self".

What’s not to love in that title.

The book is well worth reading and for me it has installed the words SIMPLY YES in

my mind as the words for this new collection, but also as a reminder to say YES - to

life, to opportunities - to fun - to dancing it out! And to be true to your own self.

For 21 years now - we have said yes to color, yes to everyday magic - and yes to fun,

funky and functional.

We pride ourselves in delivering everyday magic to people and homes all over the

world - we have stayed true to ourselves and we believe in color and the joy they bring.

Have a wonderful Autumn Winter season and a bright and colorful happy year of YES...

Charlotte, Founder and Creative Director